Marcel Bruer Cesca Style Carver Chair

Marcel Bruer Cesca Style Carver Chair

Originally designed in 1928 Marcel Breuer’s model B32, later named the ‘Cesca’ chair after his daughter Francesca, has become a 20th Century design classic. Originally produced by Thonet, and still produced today by Knoll, the chair has had numerous makers over the years but the basic fundamentals of the design has always remained the same. It was revolutionary for its time and its appeal lies in the cantilever frame and also the clever mix of materials that created a modern aesthetic whilst still having roots in the past. In this way Breuer mixed traditional Thonet style beech and cane designs from the turn of the 19th and 20th Century with the Bauhaus staples of metal and chrome.  

The chairs were originally purchased as a set from Harrods in the 70s and have had just one careful owner.  Please note that one of the seats is a newer replacement and the other is the original, the original has a couple of weaker patches in the cane work and may need to be repaired/ replaced in a few years.  It is however still mostly in tact and sturdy.  

London delivery can be arranged for free however for delivery outside of London, please enquire for a delivery quote.


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